Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to Evolve - Again

My first entry on this blog is dated July 20th, 2006. That was a couple of days before I arrived in the land of morning motorway congestion. At the time I can remember I was wondering how long it would last. The original aim was to keep people back home informed without having to send emails, and also to serve as a more permanent online record of this part of my life. Also I was greatly inspired by a blog called the Korea Life Blog, which I appreciated for its matter-of-fact glimpse of life in Korea for the average person.

Overall I'm fairly happy that I've kept my blog going this long, and I sometimes flick back with a glass of wine when I'm in a nostalgic mood. Apart from friends and family who read it, most of my traffic comes through Google searches by people wanting to read about Korea.

I saw a TED talk today by Gary Vaynerchuck and he suggested that whatever we do online now is likely to stay around for countless generations of our descendants to read. With the plummeting price of data storage, I think that's entirely likely.
So I think I'm going to expand the scope of my humble little blog into a blend of life in Korea, as well as other things and thoughts that I come across. Hopefully it'll become a more colourful record of life in general, instead of specifically Korea-related things.

My Dad thinks my blog is great, so that's encouraging. But then again he thinks lots of things are great, including earthworms. He's a philosopher and is currently writing a paper for publication called A New, Objective, Pro-Objectivity Normative Theory. It's too verbose for my synapses to comprehend. Once he publishes it, you can all read it online for free. Now see, that little piece of information right there is something that wouldn't have been posted on the Old Lee's Korea Blog, because it doesn't pertain to life in Korea. But in LKB Ver 2.1, you'll be hearing about all sorts of things. For better or worse.

At least I know Dad will be reading it...


Ken said...

i love your blog
keep up the good work~
it brings back memories for me~

yulim said...

looking forward, Lee.

Anonymous said...

I think you've got a good blog, too. Been browsing it. And you spent time in Australia. While I live in the US I spend time on a Site in Australia. Have cyber friends there. Interesting to see your pictures of Korea. And I like your counter. I've never seen one like that. Good luck to you. I shall be reading your output.

daintree said...

Earthworms ARE great..