Here's a list of blogs that I read...

Korea related:

A Geek in Korea - The Geek is married and has been K-blogging for about 10 years. Certifiably geeky, he reads xkcd and plays Dungeons & Dragons.
Asadal Thought
Ask a Korean 
Ashley Koo - Fellow SRTM member's art page. 
Black Out Korea - Public drunkeness never gets old. 
Busan Mike - Derivatives trader living in Busan.
Chris in South Korea - Lots of information for first timers to Korea. 
Daily NK - Excellent resource for insights and activism related to North Korea. The only website I've ever donated money to.
Eat Your Kimchi - Talented Canadian couple videoblogging their way to stardom
Erika Ulfelder
EuroKor Travel - Korean travel agent and fellow member of SRTM.
Fatman Seoul
Feetman Seoul - Bilingual photoblog focusing on street fashion in Korea. 
Foreigner Joy
Fun Times in South East Korea - Teaching English in Jinju.
Going Places - Diana's married life in Daegu.
Gusts of Popular Feeling - Intelligent discussions of Korea-related topics.
Jane Jeong Trenka - TRACK founder and author.
Joshing Gnome
Kimchi Icecream
Kiss My Kimchi
Korea Beat
Korean Chronicles
Koreandoll's Adventures
Krazy Korean Teacher
Kushibo - A thoughtful commentator on many discussion threads.
Michael Jay - fellow Toastmaster.
New Seoul - An Australian Professor and his wife at SNU, from Adelaide.
North Korean Economy Watch - Interesting insights to North Korea's economy.
One Free Korea - A prominent advocate for North Korean issues and common sense toward NK human rights abuses. 
On My Way To Korea - Matt Strum 
Pat Bing Soo
Paul Ajossi
Peter Leong - Food enthusiast.
Raquel in Asia
Robert Koehler Travel & Photography - The Marmot's Photoblog.
Roboseyo - A friendly blogger with a lot of Korea-related experience. Rob is an all-round nice guy and helpful to fellow K-bloggers and English teachers.
ROK Drop - Consistent and interesting blogging. Deals with news relevant to American soldiers stationed in Korea.
Scribblings of the Metropolitician - Quite a few well-written essays here.
Se-Kyung Kim
Seoul Grid - Good resource for nightlife in Seoul.
Strange Lands - Jimmy is an English teacher here and a nice bloke. 
Surprises a Plenty -  English teacher living in Busan
Talking to Myself
The Chosun Bimbo
The Grand Narrative - James Turnbull is a thoughtful K-blogger, addressing touchy issues with clarity and in a down-to-earth manner. 
The Hansons in Korea 
The Land of the Morning Calm - Kimberly and Mark are a married couple in Korea, both having an interesting personal journey. 
The Marmot's Hole - Excellent Korea news blog attracting lively discussion on a range of issues. Good sense of humour and especially adept at using the strikethrough technique.
The Seoul Podcast - Humourous podcast by three veteran bloggers. 
The South Korea Times - Mr Wonderful turning over a new leaf. 
The View From Over Here - Joanna seems to be enjoying daily life in Korea as an English teacher, as well as departing on interesting travels. Her blog and writing style have been evolving admirably. 
Wonju Wife - The kind of blog to read when cuddled up with a cup of hot chocolate. 
Xweing Away 
Zen Kimchi - Forever destined to be at the bottom of alphabetically-ordered K-blogrolls, Zen Kimchi provides informative and regularly updated news on the dining scene in Korea. Good interactive environment and extensive archives of information.

Non-Korea related:

Adora Svitak - American child prodigy, began blogging when she was 7.
Ahimsa Yoga Montreal - An old colleague who opened a yoga studio in Montreal.
Big Hominid - Variety page for thinkers.
Bill's Journal - Thoughts, musings and poetry.
Dream of Borealis
Garnett Family
How to Write Badly Well - Entertaining pointers on how to become an ineffective writer.
Hysteric Glamour
Ian Kim - High school friend and talented artist.
Joanna World X
Joon Son - Our old boss, traveling the world.
Kevin O'Shea - A Canadian now living in Kobe, Japan.
Limpeh - My favourite Singlish blogger.
Marta Allina - Polish friend
Matthew's eThoughts
Min Jung Kim's Brain Dump
Moa from Sweden - Likes turtles. 
Steven Salzberg
Taste of Kimchi
The Annals of Eelin - My Malaysian buddy 
The Girl With a Thousand Thoughts - Interesting housemate chronicles. 
The Ultralighter - Hiking enthusiast. 
Then & Now 
This is Why You're Fat - Fascinating concoctions of unhealthy food.
Yoonji Cho

Sleeping, abandoned or forgotten blogs. Kept for posterity's sake.

A Long Time Ago, When a Tiger Smoked a Cigarette - this blog used to be one of my favourites. Written by an Australian femme living in Seoul, it had humourous comments on Korean quirkiness. Disappeared without a trace.
An Idiot's Tale - Blogging about a self-proclaimed mundane life, this English teacher has been in Korea for over a decade. He received a fair dosage of criticism for making fun of other K-bloggers and has questionable views on some issues. But the blog was written consistently well and often quite funny.
Botulism is Delicious
Brandon Na
Burrito Withdrawal
Chawee Moyle
Dokdo is Ours - A very funny satirical blog, possibly only in temporary retirement. Identity of the author continues to perplex me.
DPRK Studies
Duchess Catherine
Erick Taggart
George Goes Korean
Harlow's Monkey
Heather Nugent
In My Seoul
Korea Diva 
Kumar Sharma - From the fungus lab at Sejong University.
Lee Tae-Yang - The Man.
Na Yeong
Pocky n Chocolate
Robyn Shultz 
Robert Cha - Fellow SRTM member and proud owner of an HTC Desire.
Sarah Kim Randolph - I'm sure she'll blog again one day.
Seoul Kitchen - fellow SRTM member.
Sorry, I was drunk - Korean American against compulsory military service.
Sung-Kyun Baik
The CDI branch I used to work at
Yowie Tong

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