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Seoul Expats 
Teach English in Korea
Dave's ESL Cafe
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Links warranting further perusal
Things for you to browse

Coign of Vantage - Perspective-based flash game
Global Post - Decent journalism
Totem Destroyer - Problem solving game
Kim Jong Il's Livejournal - Quite old but still funny
Korea's Richest - The richest people in Korea
Korean Tomato Song - A song for kids
Learn About Diamonds - Blue Nile is the place to go
LGBT Solidarity Korea - Good on them
Marriage in the 1930's - We've come a long way
My Youtube Channel - Videos featured on this blog
North Korean Labour Camps - While the world fiddles
Olivia Judson - Evolutionary biologist
Play With Spider - Realistic spider simulator
Pong Reversed - The old favourite
Public Library of Science - The new model for academic publishing
Skeptics Annotated Bible - Worth a read
TED - Ideas worth spreading
The 48 Laws of Power - Advice to remember
The Great Battle of Sitting and Spitting - A nice old tale
Toastmasters - Improve yourself
What Countries are Buying - In proportion to each other
Working on the Moon - Apparently, duct tape is indispensable

Videos for you to watch
If you have time to burn

Clifford Stoll - 18 Minutes with and Agile Mind
Dramatic Reading of a Break-Up Letter
Flight Patterns in the United States
Food Fight - A history of war, by food
How to Feed 100 Dogs at Once
I Like Turtles
In Case You Didn't Know About Buses
Japanese Roboting
Matrix in a Japanese Accent
Michael Shermer - Skeptics Society
Randy Pausch - Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
Serenity Now - Bombing a World of Warcraft funeral 
Smosh Short 1 - Dolls
String Theory Made Simple
The Worst Kung-Fu Auditions Ever
What is Podcasting?
Where the Hell is Matt?
Yip-Yips meet the Telephone

Interesting Wikipedia Articles
Because they make you smarter [citation needed]

Arecibo Message
Battle of Berlin
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Colossus of Rhodes
Detonation Nanodiamond
Dorothy Hodgkin
Fermat's Last Theorem
Genghis Khan
Great Pyramid
Human Rights in North Korea
Inuit Diet
James Randi
List of Collective Nouns for Birds 
Ludendorff Bridge
Macromolecular Crowding
Marie Curie
Marine Corps Abbreviations
Omnipotence Paradox
Polish Home Army
Quorum Sensing
Selma to Montgomery Marches
Sihang Warehouse
Simon Wiesenthal
South Korea
The Borg
Tsar Bomba
Voyager 2
VY Canis Majoris
Worst Movies of All Time
Yi Sun-Sin
Zimbabwean Dollar

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