Sunday, May 18, 2008

Korean Girls of the 2008 Busan Motor Show

There are a lot of beautiful women in Korea.

While they weren't the only reason I wanted to attend the 2008 Busan International Motor Show, I did find myself taking a lot more photos of them than the cars they were modelling.

So last weekend we got up moderately early for a Sunday in Korea and went down to BEXCO, Busan's general purpose exhibition centre. Every year they have a motor show here, but last year I was too busy to see it.

For a $6 entry fee, you can see all the latest concept, hybrid and commercial designs. There are also a lot of pretty Korean girls, as you may soon gather from the following photos.

Do I risk alienating my loyal LKB reader base by photographing women as merely objects? I hope not.

You can ignore them and just look at the cars if you like.

The car in this photo is blue.

And here's a new fuel cell hybrid design. I'll keep quiet for a while now.



GM Daewoo

An All-Terrain Vehicle that looks like a Transformer. These are popular in Korea and you can usually rent them in small towns. Korea's geography is very rugged in parts so these make more sense than a scooter.

This model had a few fans in the crowd, who presented her with some photos they'd taken. I'm a fan too, but I don't think she'll be visiting Lee's Korea Blog anytime soon.

Someone went to a lot of trouble to make this truck engine look pretty. Now if I could only find where that gumball comes out of...

One of the only male models at the show, who was very popular with the ajummas.

Here's what the buses of the future will look like. Very similar, except with different colours for the handles if you're standing.

Designs like this have been around for a while. They run on electrical batteries and you fill them up with a power plug.

The models were very friendly and happy to have their photo taken with people. I didn't get mine taken because I didn't want to spoil a perfectly good photo with my ugly mug in it.

If you gave them your cell-phone, they were happy to give you a photo of themselves. I didn't because I was too shy, and also Heather would probably bite me on the arm.

And then it was time to go. Outside they had a remote control car demonstration. These cars were more for the serious hobbyist though, zipping around the circuit at lightning speed.

There were also some Korean cos-playing students. This is a more common sight in Japan and the general idea is to dress up fancily and then play games in public. This game is kinda like 'statues', so when the girl in the white dress turns around, everyone has to freeze. If she spots you moving, then you're out. I used to play that game when I was young too, except without the fancy clothes.

That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the pretty photos.



Ellen said...

hey :) just stumbled upon your blog while i was doing an internet search. i live in seomyeon and wanted info about the nightclub foxy [will anything be happening on a thursday night? friday is a holiday ....]. your blog came up b/c you mentioned foxy waaaaaaaay back in the fall of 2006. i totally got sucked into reading a bunch of your posts and if i had more time tonight i'd probably just sit and read for the rest of the night! i too am writing a blog of my adventures but it's totally different than yours - way more text and reflecting on stuff. plus i've only been here 3 months so i haven't had the variety of experiences you've had. anyway, i really like the style of your blog - so many photos with just brief comments underneath. the photos are great b/c they let readers see what you're experiencing [a picture is worth a thousand words right?!!] and keep people reading. it's also cool to see/read what you've done while you're here. gives me a few ideas of what i'd like to do. speaking of which i read on pusanweb that it's hard to find vinyl underground ... haven't been there yet but i have a friend visiting this weekend from seoul and i want to take her out dancing. if you have time to send me directions to the club i'd really appreciate it. actually if there's any clubs you would recommend i would also appreciate that ... only read a bit of your more recent posts but did catch that you're pretty busy ... so just email me if you have a chance. e.
ps. are you at a hogwon or public school? i came through the program EPIK [through the government] and work at a public school.

Lee Farrand said...

Thanks for the comments. Foxy is right next to Judies Taehwa, which is over the road from McDonald's in Seomyeon.

Vinyl is a little bit more difficult to find but it's in the Kyungsung Dae area. Best thing to do is go there and ask a westerner where it is.

Some other nice places are Kino Eye in Kyungsung, Fuzzy Navel in Seomyeon (there's two) and Thursday Party in Gwangan.

I'm working at CDI in Busan, a private language institute. Life is pretty good at the moment. Who knows, maybe I'll see you out someday :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lee

You have a really interesting and articulate blog! I found your blog the other day while googling something and ended up reading the whole thing from start to finish.

I have a question I hope you can answer for me.

I applied for a summer camp teaching position with CDI. Do you know how long it usually takes for CDI to contact you after you've submitted the essay via e-mail? CDI contacted me in 2 days for the phone interview, but it's already been 5/6 days since I've turned in my essay, and I haven't heard anything from them. Yesterday, I sent them an e-mail asking for an update and haven't heard back from them still. I'm wondering if that's a bad thing... and if I should be seeking other summer jobs more actively instead.

I'd appreciate your thoughts.


Lee Farrand said...

I'd sit on it for a while, but definitely apply at other places too. It can take longer when there's a lot of people applying at the same time.

On a side note, I didn't know that CDI have summer camps. Maybe you're applying for the wrong kind of job? Most positions here are usually one year contracts.

Anyway, get in touch via email if you want to know more about teaching in Busan rather than Seoul. It's much nicer down here and the pay is the same.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this year I visited busan