Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny English #5

Things have been a little active in the Farrand household of late. Heather's pregnant stomach has expanded to new horizons of enormity that I previously thought only possible in cartoons. She's feeling fine and dutifully performing her stretching exercises each night. As our finest hour approaches with quickened pace, various aspects of normal life are quietening before what I can only imagine to be some kind of storm.

One of the more recent routines to stop was Heather's pregnant ballet classes. That's her in the white skirt. I woe my own immaturity, but nevertheless indulge in continuously seeing something comical about pregnant ladies doing ballet. Hopefully this kind of childishness will all clear up when I become a father.

For the meantime though, let's indulge in some funny English. For those of you new to this phenomena, Funny English is a recurring feature of this blog, attempting to catalogue examples of English in Korea that this young author finds amusing in some way.

This is a tin that you keep tissues in, for sale at our local D/C Mart.

I had at first thought the name 'Goog Frinds' to be an attempt to circumvent another company's trademark.

But on closer investigation found that they managed to get the title of their brand correct on the side. The little blurb manages to delve into new depths of linguistic absurdity.

Seems that trash is not the only thing that needs checking.

"It's so wonderful to be able to maintain your dreams."

Humble lessons from a basic pail.

This gift wrapping paper seems intended for animals with multiple hearts. That would include our cephalopod friends like the squid and octopus, as well as the hagfish (which has 5 hearts).

Who said seafood couldn't be romantic?

Designed by Germany, translated by Korea.

Blogged by Australia.

My name is Advertising.

Bad Advertising.

For those still opposed to GM Food, you may have been misled by the real meaning of the acronym.

One could be forgiven for assuming that the last vestiges of headhunting disappeared in remote archipelagos of the Pacific decades ago. But it's alive and well in the Gyodae area of Seoul.

A timely observation indeed. I have plans to buy this clock, after I save enough money to buy a HotSling.
And what is a HotSling, I hear you ask? Why, a HotSling is a handsfree device for holding babies, strapped to your chest. You can see a whole bunch of them right here. They seem handy for all the rockclimbing I intend to do. 

For past episodes of Funny English that you may have missed, they're here: #1, #2, #3, #4.


Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon.


MsCaroline said...

Moving to Seoul in June and have really enjoyed reading your blog! Such a fun time, with a new baby on the way. I had a sling for my boys when they were babies; never thought of it in context of climbing, though. My husband's a climber and I'm surprised he didn't think of it himself....

Mary said...


That was funny

well , what you can say things like this happen


Rawkzell said...

nice blog u have here . i read some of ur post n follow u too :)