Friday, August 07, 2009

Wedding Invitations

On Saturday September 19th, Heather and I will be getting married in the coastal city of Busan. Being such an important occasion, weddings are stressful to organise. Luckily for me, Heather is a true champion of organisational wonder. She's pretty much putting together the whole event, due to her being in the same city and speaking Korean better than a shmuck like me. At the same time, she's preparing to hand over her job as branch manager. I received the wedding invitations last week and had the dubious honour of sending them out to guests.

The venue is our favourite restaurant in Busan, called The Kitchen, which is on a hill overlooking Haeundae Beach. It's a little small, so the spaces are limited to one hundred guests. From what I can think of right now, Heather is having to deal with food, alcohol, decorating, guest list, seating, transport, ceremony, rings, dress, speeches and the after party. Luckily our good man Ants has found a venue for the after party down on Gwangan Beach.

What do you write on a wedding invitation? There are some websites with a lot of different suggestions. Depending on the specifics of your parent's relationship and which side is hosting the ceremony, the language changes slightly.

One of my few contributions to the wedding organisation is the location map, which we included in the cards. I made them while I was in the lab using an online street directory and MS Paint.

This weekend I'm heading down to Busan and hopefully doing some more wedding-related things.


starcrossed said...

I am enjoying the new, more frequent, shorter blogs mr. lee!
p.s thank you for the invitation and best wishes to you and your wife to be!

Unknown said...

very nice cards. congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

Mika said...

Is that anywhere near the Novotel Ambassador Hotel? We stayed there in June of 2007. Congrats on the wedding!!

Lee Farrand said...

Yes, it's on the hill to the left, overlooking the Novotel.

Chris in South Korea said...

Found you from the ROK Drop - congratulations :)

Adam Lee said...


Unknown said...

Hey Lee,

Don't quite remember how I landed at your blog, just wanted to wish you much happiness and love. :)

I am a postdoc at Hanyang.


Unknown said...

And oh, forgot to mention, the wedding invitation looks wonderful.

Map atop the journal articles, that's cool! :)


Naomi said...

Congratulations! Your invitations look great!!