Friday, May 31, 2013

Royal Vavi

On the sidebar to the right of this post is a link to an online shop called Royal Vavi. It sells clothes and accessories for toddlers, and is run by a certain Korean brother-in-law of mine. I have three Korean brother-in-laws, but he's undoubtedly the biggest and scariest one. 

I shall tell you more about him someday.

Picture 017
I've been in self-imposed blog torpor for the past couple of months largely due to my thesis defense sessions, the final of which is approaching on June 24th. It's a little busy these days, but the light at the end of the tunnel draws tantalisingly near. I hope to do some catch-up blogging in the near future, but am temporarily emerging from hibernation to plug these products.

Partly because I like to think of myself as a good brother-in-law.

Picture 018
To bring our valued readers a better understanding of the quality children's goods available at Royal Vavi, we've chosen to display some of the merchandise with the help of these two toddler models.

We shall call them Toddels.

Picture 016
Toddel #1 is getting bigger everyday. Note her height in comparison to Toddel #2, who is her cousin and two years her senior. Also note their purchase-worthy Royal Vavi clothing. The prices are very reasonable.

Although he doesn't speak an ounce of English, I'd like to thank scary Brother-in-law for the free clothes he gave us. And if you have a toddler of your own, I highly recommend perusing the fine clothes or accessories available at Royal Vavi.

See you soon!


Diane Writes said...

Hi Lee! First of all, allow me to express my admiration and heightening interest to your country. I got interested with Korea since I gained penfriends in my high school days and when my country was flooded with all the Korean drama series. Haha I particularly like Kim Tae Hee, Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho. :D

I can understand your sentiments about thesis writing. Good luck :)

You are blessed with wonderful kids and when I read your story, the more I became interested with your blog.

Hope we can be blog friends here :)

Keep writing, you have a great blog.

Moderator said...

Nice clothing. Do they come in 105? I think I am large. -A.E. M.