Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Eric's Book Launch

Unless you're an author and all of your friends are authors too, it's not often that someone you know writes a book. Eric the Pirate wrote a book recently called Remembering Koryo. If you haven't bought it yet, then you should buy it, and if you're in Korea, you can buy it at Kyobo bookstores.

To help get the word out, Eric held a launch party at Koroot recently and invited various people from the Korean adoptee community to come along. Eric (SK Chae) is a French Korean adoptee with an interesting history.

Performers and artists displayed their wares, beginning with this Danish lady who sang a song that she composed herself about finding her mother. If it was a poor performance, I'd just say here that it was pretty good. But actually it was an excellent performance.

This fashion designer had created her own hanbok designs using hand-dyed material.

And here's Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, a professor, poet and author who knows a lot about literature. My dabblings in literature involve writing this blog, reading Wikipedia and trying to understand science manuscripts. But when I grow up, it is my intention to read fiction again.

Oh and this guy was great. He composed his own music with vocals that reverberated pleasantly off the walls of our basement room.

On the walls of Koroot is a photo of Maria, a fellow Koroot inhabitant and a good friend. She's a medical student in Denmark now and we're both going to become doctors in a few years time. But she's going to be a real doctor.

We ended the night with a barbecue hosted by Koroot and some superficial chatter, before heading off for the second round. After settling down in Seoul with Heather, I haven't been involved much with the adoptee community here. It's always nice to see old faces again and it gets me thinking about doing a birth family search again. 

But, first things first. I have cell count data to analyse, and this blog post has admirably fulfilled my requirements for ritual procrastination.


David said...

In a land with no natural resource, her only resource would be her people and yet she continues to give away her greatest asset to the world. How smart is that?

acjjt said...

sounds pretty awesome. I wish I could finish some of my novels and get published.